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Evaporative air cooler is compliment air conditioner, it do not have compressor, it is something between fan and air conditioner. The evaporative cooler uses a high pressure blower to draw outside air through wet filter pads.This filters the air of impurities and lowers the air temperature due to the evaporation of water within the pads. The cooled air is then distributed or directed into the building. The filter pads are wet by a pump which pumps water up to the top of the pads, from where it trickles down. For non-air conditioner environment, air cooler will provide us cool air, just like standing in front of water fall.

Advantages of evaporative cooler over a refrigerated system:

Evaporative air cooler

Evaporative air cooler

Lower initial costs (up to 60% less).
Lower peak energy usage (up to 90% less).
Less greenhouse gas production (up to 80% less)
Lower running costs (Typically 80% less).
Lower energy usage (Typically 80% less)
No CFC’s or HFC’s (i.e. no OZONE DEPLETION)
In dry areas, the higher humidity  is beneficial
The wet filter pads filter the air


Size L X W X H Airflow M3/hrs Power Supply Water consumption Style Weight (Kg) Outlet Size (mm) Effective Area(M2)
(1100X1100 X1000)mm 18000 380VAC 1.1Kw 10-15ltr/hrs. Axis-flow 65 (670X670) 100-150